Most guests traveling to Hotel San Cristóbal Baja will arrive by way of the San Jose del Cabo airport (SJD). There are a few options for transport from the airport, listed below. Because the hotel sits about 3KM outside of downtown Todos Santos, and because there are many things to explore in the area, we recommend having some form of transport during your visit. There are several rental car options at the airport, or guests can choose to rent a car or an ATV once they arrive to Todos.

The drive from SJD to the hotel is about 45 minutes on a new toll road that runs through a forest of majestic Cardon cacti. Please click on the link below for downloadable driving tips and directions.


There is premium bus that runs several times a day from the airport to downtown Todos Santos, operated by EcoBaja Tours. Cost is $355 pesos each way, or around $17 US. The bus drops riders off in downtown Todos Santos, where a taxi can be hired from the taxi stand across the street from the bus station for the short 5-mile journey to Hotel San Cristobal Baja.

Hotel San Cristóbal Baja recommends TS Transportation for premium, private transportation to and from the airport. Guests can book directly with Mario and the good dudes at TS by sending an email to contact@tsprivatetransportation.com or by calling +521 612 151 8707.

For rental car and ATV recommendations in Todos Santos, please contact our wonderful concierge David by emailing him at david.loaiza@sancristobalbaja.com.