Todos Santos

Evidence of life in Baja California Sur by nomadic tribes dates as far back as 11,000 B.C. By the time the Spanish first arrived in the 1500’s, they found the Pericú, Guaycura and Cochimí people living simply as hunter-gatherers with no agriculture and no metallurgy. These native tribes successfully resisted colonization for almost 200 years.

The mission in Todos Santos was established in 1723 and quickly named Nuestra Señora del Pilar de la Paz for the town’s patron saint, the Virgin of Pilar, whose feast day is still celebrated annually on October 12.

In addition to the bountiful fishing that has been the mainstay of modern life here, the area around Todos Santos is a rich farmland that evolved from sugarcane crops in the 19th century to a diverse source of avocados, chilis, papayas and much more. You can smell the basil in the fields as you drive to Baja Beans in Pescadero.