Todos Santos is a small town. Resources are limited and it is important to consider the impact we leave as we visit, both culturally and on the environment. Water is scarce, as are landfill and recycling systems, and Todos Santeños are not accustomed to the wild partying ways of Cabo San Lucas. Please consider leaving a light footprint in all regards when you visit.

The hotel runs on a desalination plant rather than accessing precious water from the local supply. We also purchase drinking water and provide it to guests, free of charge. We encourage all travelers to bring a reusable water bottle from home or to purchase a souvenir water bottle from us.

We also encourage you to bring a reusable tote bag rather than being provided plastic bags while shopping. “No necesito una bolsa, gracias” is the way to let store owners know that you don’t need a shopping bag.

Lastly, just be cool. The people here are friendly and mellow. Let’s be the same.


Understandably, some people are concerned about the prevalence of mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus. Cases of Zika have been reported, though the numbers are significantly less than in other areas. Because this is a desert rather than a jungle, mosquitoes are not as prevalent; however, we encourage all travelers concerned about the Zika to wear ample mosquito repellant, which can be easily purchased locally, and to pack lightweight long sleeve shirts and pants to limit exposure.


Violence in Mexico has made the front pages over the past few years. Todos Santos does not have the problems that some other vacation destination have experienced, and it’s a safe place to visit. That said, as with all travel, we encourage guests to be smart and not engage in any illicit activity while in Todos Santos.


There are many charitable organizations in Todos Santos that are in need of supplies. We encourage our guests to consider packing a few needed items in their bags when they visit and are happy to provide you with a list, and to coordinate getting your donation into the rights hands. You’ll benefit the community, and then you can fill the empty space in your bag with souvenirs from local artisans.

Other useful things to consider packing for yourself: yoga clothes, your prescriptions (our staff can help you navigate some common Mexican drug equivalents available at several pharmacies in town),  sunscreen and comfortable shoes suitable for walking on dirt roads and sandy paths.